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Referring to Thailand, it is impossible not to mention Krabi, one of the most visited provinces in Thailand. Sitting on the southwest and hugging the Andaman coast, the area is best known for the ultimate recreational island with its beautiful unspoiled white sand beaches, and limestone karst formations sticking out of the waters and a jungle-covered interior with caves, miles of pristine.

Beyond the sun, sea, and sand, Krabi has a lot more to offer to its visitors.


It is the most talked-about island in Thailand located in Krabi province, a mere 90-minute ferry ride away from the mainland. As well as having the stunning Maya Bay, Phi Phi is also home to wild beach parties, numerous bars and restaurants, and stunning natural features. There are even top-class diving adventures to be had for those of you whose day begins at eight in the morning, not the evening. 

Meaning “Paradise on Earth”, Phi Phi consists of 6 small islands surrounded by lush soaring limestones with crystal azure waters. Its restricted accessibility via sea and lack of roads (just winding small footpaths) only adds on to the exclusivity. Check out this picturesque Island!



Ao nang beach

 If Krabi Town is the heart of the city, Aonang is the pulse with its eclectic mix of beach, food, shopping, nightlife and Thai hospitality. Do not be fooled by its size (it takes around 30 mins to walk from one linear end to another), this island sure packs a punch! 

All around Ao Nang beach there is seaside walking promenade. Also, you can get directly from Ao Nang Beach to Railay Beach by tail boat. On the south side of the beach it is possible to go for a short walk through the jungle which is a part of the national park and protected area and you’ll reach the other side of Ao Nang beach, which is also very beautiful and private.
Don’t forget to visit Ao Nang beach in the sunset time and enjoy the beautiful vivid colors of sun going down behind the sea horizon.


Railay rock climbing

Located between the major hubs of Ao Nang and Krabi Town is the stunning peninsula of Railay. Whilst it isn’t an island, the fact that it’s cut off from the mainland by sheer limestone cliffs means it’s only accessible by boat — and it’s these cliffs that have put the area on the map. Regarded as a top place for rock climbing, the Railay cliffs have both beginner and advanced routes; each rewards climbers with stunning views of the bay. Not a climber? Railay’s also home to beautiful beaches that might be more up your alley.

Krabi town itself is quite generic, and you’ll find many western restaurants, markets and bars. Some areas may be quite crowded, but if you venture further afield, you can uncover many fascinating destinations. In the vicinity, you can visit waterfalls and caves, swim in the blue waters, or simply chill out at a resort.

Krabi’s famous delicacies are one of the reasons visitors keep coming back for more. The island is known for its fresh and authentic southern delights—the most delicious in the country. Savor the wonders of crispy roti, a favorite local snack served with sugar cane tea or milk tea. Wing shells are also so popular among tourists because of its sweetmeat, which tastes even better when served with a spicy seafood dip. Bring home some chili shrimp paste and Tao Sor—friends and family back home will definitely enjoy them.

Despite rapid growth in tourism, Krabi still feels like a true Thai experience. Local eating spots look like they haven’t changed in years, while it’s heartening to see the fishermen still going about their daily lives, bringing in catches in the early hours. Krabi Town is so laid-back and nostalgic that you’ll never want to leave, so make sure to visit before the charm is lost forever.