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Khon Kae

Khon Kaen is the commercial and political center of Northeastern Thailand and is well known for the high-quality silk products produced in the province. If you want to experience more of what Thailand has to offer, Khon Kaen is well worth adding to your list.

Below is the list of things to do when you travel in Khon Kaen:

Visit Nong Waeng Buddhist Temple
This is the most beautiful temple in Khon Kaen according to many tourists' votes because of its amazing architecture, statues and art.

The temple was built in the shape of a shape pyramid with an elevated view over the southern half of Khon Kaen which will help tourists admire the beauty from above to the southern half of Khon Kaen.

Here you'll meet local worshipers, friendly monks, and enjoy picturesque lakeside views and 360-degree views of the city when you reach the top of the temple. The experience you shouldn’t miss is the 9-story high stairs.

It may not be an easy climb, but it will all be worth it. Prepare your camera and be amazed when you reach the top. The 360-degree view of the city and the lake view is a must-see.


A Real Buddhist Experience in Wat Thung Setthi

This is quite a spectacular Temple and well worth the visit, in a very rural setting and surrounded by rice paddy’s. This is a well-preserved temple, fabulous architecture, big windows, intricate carvings, a lotus pond, the rare black Buddha, and a genuine Buddhist experience.

There are additional buildings and more statuary around the temple, including an intriguing bridge, large lake and smaller temple. When leaving Wat Thung Setthi there's a lovely coffee house just outside the entrance. Great service here, and some animals.

As for the Buddhist experience, beautiful grounds have teaching signs in English. That’s why it’s considered one of the must-visit Khon Kaen attractions. Lastly, one of its rare tourist attractions is the black Buddha, which you can’t see much in other temples.

Shopping experience at Khon Kaen's Day & Night Markets

The night market is a unique place in most cities (large to big) in Thailand. The name in Thai is "Market Until Dawn". Mostly it is a food and street food market for late night hungers. If you enjoy the culture of sitting and eating street food along with locals and other tourists. This is the place. It usually opens from 6 pm until dawn. The food are mostly the same type, late night food or food eating with alcohol. Just pick any places that you feel comfortable and order your favorite. If you speak local language, that is the better but you can point at menu. often with photos because most night market now are familiar with English speaking visitors.

If you’re into scenic view while taking a nice walk and aim to take picturesque snapshots, Bueng Kaen Nakhon is another Khoan Kaen sightseeing spot you shouldn’t miss.

Anywhere in Thailand, Songkran is an experience like no other, but Khon Kaen takes it to a new level. The holiday, which commemorates the Thai New Year, is also known as the water festival — something you’ll learn quite literally and very quickly. Songkran in Khon Kaen is a little different than in some of the larger cities, where you might feel a bit lost if you don’t know specifically where to go to celebrate. In Khon Kaen, it’s all concentrated primarily in two areas. In the surrounding areas of Central Plaza, the streets are shut down to accommodate multiple concerts and street vendors.

Khon Kaen is located about 300 miles northeast of Bangkok. Air travel is the easiest way to get there, with flights from the capital to Khon Kaen very cheap. 

Khon Kaen is a perfect weekend trip from Bangkok or Chiang Mai that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a culturally rich and friendly city, Khon Kaen is a must when you’re in Thailand.