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The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is located in the northwest of Java Island and is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. Jakarta, also known as “Coconut City” was just a small fishing village back in the 5th century AD, but is now a sprawling international and multicultural metropolis. Missing Jakarta during a visit to Indonesia was a mistake. Exciting nightlife and vibrant shopping scene, as well as a fusion of Indonesian culture and cuisine, is sure to surprise you with all the things to see in this city.

The following are some reasons to include Jakarta on your trip to Indonesia:

Explore Kota Tua, Jakarta's Old Town

Kota Tua is an old town area, also known as Old Batavia, where you will find all kinds of Dutch-colonial structures surrounding a huge square where people often congregate in the evening, socializing, and relaxing.

This was where the capital of the Dutch East Indies lies and you are sure to find some really interesting things to do here from visiting the beautiful Jakarta History Museum, enjoy a cup of coffee at a colonial-era cafe, Cafe Batavia, or simply going people-watching in the evening.



Best Shopping in South East Asia

Jakarta offers the best shopping options in South East Asia, and you can’t claim you’ve been here without having visited at least one of the city’s many malls. Though Jakarta shopping centers aren’t your regular malls. 

Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia are two epic malls you shouldn’t miss. For smaller malls and shopping complexes selling electronic items and uncommon gadgets, make a trip to Chinatown. 




Enjoy a variety of Indonesian cuisine

When in Indonesia, one of the most popular things to enjoy is the cuisine. Jakarta has a diverse range of food options available, and cuisine from all over the archipelago comes together to offer travelers the highest quality Indonesian food.

There are markets and street food stalls for those looking to eat as the locals do. Though if you’re worried about the hygiene, you should eat at a restaurant chain called Sate Khan Senayan. They have locations across Jakarta and serve fantastic Indonesian food. 


Indonesia is one of those fabulous destinations where stays relatively warm all year round. Warm tropical temperatures average around 28 – 30 °C every day, though those traveling to Jakarta from October to May will have to embrace the rain. 

The many faces of Jakarta; a melting pot of commerce, politics, nightlife, traffic, historic sites and shopping malls.  For those stopping over, there are definitely parts of the city worth exploring, with surprises around every street corner.